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Fit For Free makes fitness accessible to everybody. Our rates and opening hours mean even if you have limited time or money, you can still be healthy and fit. Besides affordable fitness, check out what else Fit For Free offers its members:



Water quenches thirst but a balanced sports drink like YANGA is even better. Firstly, there is no sugar in YANGA. Sugar prevents the absorption of water. And moreover, it contains fattening calories, which are not necessary at all during training. Secondly, we have added a number of vitamins and minerals, which ensure that the moisture is absorbed quickly and easily into the blood. This phenomenon is also called isotonic. With such responsible moisture absorption, YANGA is able to restore balance quickly to the body!

Interested? Try it out! Ask at your local Fit For Free for more information!

Fit For Free Prizes

At Fit For Free we love to make our members happy and to make you even happier we intend to run some great competitions with fantastic prizes. All you have to do is check our website regularly for prizes we’re giving away and how to enter. Keep your eyes peeled for posters in our clubs too to make extra sure you don’t miss out!

Group Classes

In our Fit For Free Studios we offer a large range of classes; Zumba, Bodypump, Pilates, Bodyshape, Bodycombat, Aerobic, Step and many more! Click here for an overview and more info about these classes.

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